A Fond Farewell

To our exhibitor and patron friends,

We are very sorry to announce that we have had to cancel our 2014 show schedule.  The recurrence of effects from an old injury makes it difficult to give the gallery the effort and attention the artist’s work deserves.  We very much appreciate our artist’s willingness to show with us and regret that we can not continue; but, retiring from the field seems the better part of valor.

The many new friends we have made these last three years have been a delight and we are very grateful for the support we have received.


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Painting in Fabric

October 31 – November 24, 2013

Hanford St Gallery presents four fabric artists for the month of November.  Each brings a unique vision and highly evolved technique that will expand your understanding of what can be accomplished in the medium.

    Serlin - Havasu Creek, 2002, 42X42Merle Axelrad

Sacramento artist Merle Axelrad works with fabric to produce landscapes of stunning color and texture. Working from composite photographs and sketches, she spends hundreds of hours on each individual image, transforming what has been regarded as a traditional craft into a serious art form, through the application of a technique she’s perfected over many years.

“I create landscapes made from thousands of tiny pieces of fabric.  Fragments of woven color and texture are carefully arranged, layered, pinned and sewn together.  In my fabric collages, I distill a place to its essence, and to this end each piece of fabric is carefully selected to make an individual contribution.” 


Living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area Schulze paints, prints images directly onto cloth, uses glue transfer processes and collage techniques. Her main theme is often surreal compositions combining found and personal images, contrasting beautiful colors with eccentric surfaces. In her artwork the element of surprise in theme and execution has been noted by many critics.

“I love the idea of quilt. The layering, the fact that it can be reversible, that you can plug into this great and varied history of bed covering and with a little push you can enter a new world of walls, ceilings, or installations. It is the best of all worlds for me.”

AB.6.4539Alice Beasley

Alice has been making fabric paintings in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1988.

“From the beginning, my goal has been to use fabric as a medium of expression. I incorporate the same light, shadow and realistic perspective used by artists in other mediums, but without the use of paint, dyes or surface treatments.”

She uses the ordinary quilter’s tools of commercial fabric and thread to make portraits and vibrant still life compositions. Rather than relying upon templates or photo projections, she prefers to work directly, building a composition in the same manner as a painter working on a canvas. All pieces are cut free-hand from fabric with scissors or rotary cutter, fused and machine appliquéd.

Prismatic Pool fullSandra Poteet  

 Her “schrunched” fabric pieces are dramatically textured abstracts or abstracted scenery, with blocks of color reminiscent of paint applied heavily with a palette knife. Most of the fabrics used are scraps or re-purposed utility items and clothing, bunched and folded into shape and then machine stitched down in wandering fashion.

Other works begin with inks and paints – splashed, poured, strewn or brushed –  onto batting (the usually invisible middle support in traditional and art quilting). The resultant images, or suggestions of images, are built upon with layers of sheers, netting and other fabrics. Small sewn details invite closer inspection in a hunt for secrets.

 “I am inspired and challenged by appreciation of the fine arts, photography, fine crafts, and the environment around me.  My methods continue to evolve with one constant: I love the medium of fabric with its essential textural presence.”

Sandra came to fabric art in 2002. She lives and works in the Nevada City/Grass Valley area.

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Mad Brad Returns

October 3 – 27, 2013

SONY DSCWhile studying archeology in the early 60’s Brad Devereaux’s exposure to the counterculture was inevitable.  The influence persists today.  From exploring ancient civilizations he moved to the inner psyche as a mental health worker all the while savoring the world of the coffeehouse. DSC07146 Not today’s drive-thru non-stop caffeine purveyor but the sort of place with an atmosphere of inquiry and contemplation.  The kind of place where cynicism is tempered with art, poetry and music.  Over his 16 years as a clinical social worker Brad developed a deep appreciation of the importance of interpersonal communication and an equally deep desire to explore visual art as a pathway for that communication.

“Eventually I understood my calling to be an artist; but for a long time I held onto my job in social work out of sense of duty.”

Finally he made the commitment to art full time.  Brad’s paints might be laid down on a stretched canvas or just as likely on something constructed from scraps found around his workshop/studio.  Bright colors and wild patterns eventually resolve into something you recognize.  Something from the everyday world or discovered in your innermost depths.  Neither strictly representational or abstract, his work is designed to evoke a response from the viewer.

“It is meaningful for me when people pause for a moment and search for an awareness of their own reactions when viewing my work.  Whatever someone finds in one of my pieces is OK with me if they have honestly attempted to truly see what might be there.”

Opening October 3rd at the Hanford St. Gallery in Sutter Creek, the show will run through October 27.  There will be a reception for the artist on Oct. 5th from 4 to 7pm as part of the Amador 1st Saturday Art Trek.


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All Things Mechanical

September 5 thru September 29

The machine as art?  Why not – if “Art” is “anything done well” and if we can look beyond a bit of dirt and grease we can find the beauty that is there.  Sharon Galligan has painted fields and flowers for years and more recently has taken up the challenge of  looking closely at the wheels and gears that help our world go around.  Her tightly framed watercolors achieve a sense of the abstract through acute observation and realistic rendering.  Painting a steam locomotive or a wine press she captures the essence of the driving forces that make modern life possible. Ledger Ad Mechanical-3

“I am particularly fascinated with painting sections of machinery, with its wonderful textures and almost abstract light and dark patterns.”

Galligan has many juried shows and group exhibitions to her credit, including Crocker Art Museum, Triton Art Museum, Haggin Museum, Women Artists of the West, and many others. She serves on the Board of Directors and is past president of Amador County Artists Association, and is a member of Society of Western Artists.  Sharon’s awards are numerous, the most prestigious in 1998, when she was chosen as part of the traveling exhibition by the American Watercolor Society’s 131st International Exhibition, Dagmar Tribble Award

Coupled with acrylic paintings by Nancy Roberts, photos by Donald Satterlee & W.A. Herrick, Sculpture by Duane LaMoureaux, tools, mold patterns and working machines this show will help us find the “Art” in All Things Mechanical.

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Birds Of Many Feathers

Greategert41August 1 – September 1


For August the Hanford St. Gallery is offering many ways to bird watch.  Exploring the subject in oils, watercolor, photos, ceramic, wood, glass, feathers, metal and paper you will be able to see birds in a whole new light.  Over a dozen local, regional and far away (as well as a bit far-out) artists bring their insights into the beauty and whimsy of the avian world.

Participating artists include Lynn Slade, Judith Monroe, Michael Corlew, Lisa Aikenhead, Heather Hopman, Lorra Lee Rose, Jenifer Keller, Loretta Armstrong, Andy Byrne, Michelle MacKenzie, Taylor Gutermute, Cathi Newlin, Nomi, Helen Baesler and others.

The show will run from August 1 through September 1 and there will be a reception with the artists on August 3rd from 4 to 7 pm as part of the Amador 1st Saturday Art Trek.

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Turned Wood


July 5 – July 28

For July the Hanford St. Gallery will be presenting a collection of unique and beautiful wood turnings by area artist Mike Mahoney.

A professional wood turner since 1994, Mike’s bowls are featured in galleries across the United States and his work is sought after by collectors around the world.

Mahoney is passionate about his craft and the American Craft movement. Dedicated to producing quality work and educating the public about woodturning, Mike is often requested to demonstrate and teach for wood turning clubs, craft schools and symposia. He has traveled around the world to discuss and demonstrate his craft, and is considered an authority in woodturning.

Much of the wood Mike uses comes from urban sources (tree trimmers and local cities) and he is even utilizing grapevine culled from local vineyards. All his work is produced on the lathe without any embellishments after the fact.  He creates a very traditional feel using contemporary ideas.

“I want my work to be attractive as well as useful.  For my work to be admired is one thing, but for my work to be used fulfills my purpose as a craftsman.”

Coupled with paintings and photos by Lynn Slade, Daniel D’Agostini, Dianne Poinski and Donald Satterlee, the exhibit will celebrate the visual and tactile pleasures of wood and the trees and forests that provide it.

Opening on Friday, July 5th, the show will run through Sunday, July 28.  There will be a reception to introduce the artists on Saturday, July 6th from 4 to 7pm as part of the Amador 1st Saturday Art Trek.

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Far Away Faces

May 30 – June 30, 2013

Kurt is an award winning photographer with over 20 years experience.  His classical training with Ansel Adams and Oliver Gagliani along with his degree in photography from Brooks Institute launched a successful career in commercial photography.  His passion for his work drives him to create only the very best.

Poster Kurt Andersen smallKurt makes photographs that capture the timeless character of a place or a face.  His travels have carried him to locations both exotic and forbidden.  Every year he and a small group of photographer friends venture to a new place and compete to create the most compelling photos. The images he brings home will carry you along on his trips and introduce you to people you will feel you know.

Opening May 30 with a reception for the artist on Saturday, June 1st from 4 to 7pm.

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