All Things Mechanical

September 5 thru September 29

The machine as art?  Why not – if “Art” is “anything done well” and if we can look beyond a bit of dirt and grease we can find the beauty that is there.  Sharon Galligan has painted fields and flowers for years and more recently has taken up the challenge of  looking closely at the wheels and gears that help our world go around.  Her tightly framed watercolors achieve a sense of the abstract through acute observation and realistic rendering.  Painting a steam locomotive or a wine press she captures the essence of the driving forces that make modern life possible. Ledger Ad Mechanical-3

“I am particularly fascinated with painting sections of machinery, with its wonderful textures and almost abstract light and dark patterns.”

Galligan has many juried shows and group exhibitions to her credit, including Crocker Art Museum, Triton Art Museum, Haggin Museum, Women Artists of the West, and many others. She serves on the Board of Directors and is past president of Amador County Artists Association, and is a member of Society of Western Artists.  Sharon’s awards are numerous, the most prestigious in 1998, when she was chosen as part of the traveling exhibition by the American Watercolor Society’s 131st International Exhibition, Dagmar Tribble Award

Coupled with acrylic paintings by Nancy Roberts, photos by Donald Satterlee & W.A. Herrick, Sculpture by Duane LaMoureaux, tools, mold patterns and working machines this show will help us find the “Art” in All Things Mechanical.

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