Mad Brad Returns

October 3 – 27, 2013

SONY DSCWhile studying archeology in the early 60’s Brad Devereaux’s exposure to the counterculture was inevitable.  The influence persists today.  From exploring ancient civilizations he moved to the inner psyche as a mental health worker all the while savoring the world of the coffeehouse. DSC07146 Not today’s drive-thru non-stop caffeine purveyor but the sort of place with an atmosphere of inquiry and contemplation.  The kind of place where cynicism is tempered with art, poetry and music.  Over his 16 years as a clinical social worker Brad developed a deep appreciation of the importance of interpersonal communication and an equally deep desire to explore visual art as a pathway for that communication.

“Eventually I understood my calling to be an artist; but for a long time I held onto my job in social work out of sense of duty.”

Finally he made the commitment to art full time.  Brad’s paints might be laid down on a stretched canvas or just as likely on something constructed from scraps found around his workshop/studio.  Bright colors and wild patterns eventually resolve into something you recognize.  Something from the everyday world or discovered in your innermost depths.  Neither strictly representational or abstract, his work is designed to evoke a response from the viewer.

“It is meaningful for me when people pause for a moment and search for an awareness of their own reactions when viewing my work.  Whatever someone finds in one of my pieces is OK with me if they have honestly attempted to truly see what might be there.”

Opening October 3rd at the Hanford St. Gallery in Sutter Creek, the show will run through October 27.  There will be a reception for the artist on Oct. 5th from 4 to 7pm as part of the Amador 1st Saturday Art Trek.


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